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Kimberly Klacik/Executive Director

Potential Me Executive Director, Kimberly Klacik had the fortune of overcoming a traumatic experience that damaged her self-esteem in her teens. Kimberly believes there is always an underlying obscurity that causes people to exhibit disparaging behavior. Many women have difficulty dealing with their insecurities, which can put any woman, from any neighborhood, on a destructive path.

Living in what anyone would consider the "American Dream" in Accokeek , MD., Kimberly thought she had it all figured out. With a college in North Carolina offering admission to put her on course to broadcast journalism, Kimberly suddenly developed alopecia, creating the largest wrench possible. The devastation kept her at home and afraid to move forward with her life. Not knowing if her hair would ever grow back, and constantly explaining away her wigs to classmates, she obsessed over her looks. She didn't attend school dances, thinking others would wonder why her hair was always the same. She didn't allow herself to fall in love, not knowing if a guy would be able to deal with her hair loss. Guarded and feeling worthless, Kimberly struggled with connecting to reality. Purposely failing out of a local university, Kimberly had no choice but to enter the workforce. Luckily, the hospitality industry turned out to be a blast, so much so she wished someone would have told her about other opportunities upon graduating from high school. She spent 8 years wondering if any occupation would take the place of wanting to be a journalist.

Realizing how much she loved hosting hotel guests, always aiming to please, Kimberly decided it was time to take her future into her own hands. She took her love of serving others, her favourite hobby of selling clothes on eBay, and her own life experiences, developing a non-profit organization, Potential Me. Potential Me sells donated items on eBay in order to take women shopping for their ideal garments for any special or professional occasion. The shopping trips allows Kimberly to share her story, along with getting to know the recipient. Keeping in touch, Kimberly devotes all of her energy helping the recipient not only take the steps towards financial independence, but also making sure each woman understands her self-worth. Kimberly views herself as a Potential Me recipient as well. Since founding the organization Kimberly has won a couple beauty pageants, become a political contributor, and has gained the confidence to tackle any goal she sets forth, all while wearing a stylish wig!

Board Member:

Brad Potterfield, Sales & Marketing Manager of Abacus Corporation

Rob Long

Rob is a native of Baltimore, Md. and a proud product of Baltimore City Public Schools. Rob attended Liberty University and Coppin State University before joining the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard. Following his service, Rob moved to South Carolina in 1993 where he served as a police officer for seven years.

Rob returned to Baltimore in 2000, where he began to pursue a new career in sports media. He has been commentating and reporting on sports in Baltimore since 2004. Rob currently works for CBS Sports Radio 105.7 The Fan, and MASN. In addition to his role as a sports commentator, Rob has coached women’s college basketball for 12 years, most recently being named the Head Girl’s basketball coach at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in March, 2015.

Rob currently resides in Balitmore with his wife Yedda and their two children Robbie16, and Stephie 14.


Shana - Marketing Manager


Erik Johnson

Young Men Under Construction Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Erik Johnson possesses 13 years of experience in law enforcement, public service and management. Throughout his career, he has been afforded opportunities to interact with individuals in the criminal justice system on a daily basis. Many of those individuals came from disadvantaged backgrounds and became products of their environment. In most cases, the life of crime began during the early stages of life for these young men and women.

Erik Johnson realized that even though, each case was different the common factors seemed to be very similar in nature. The lack of education and job skills combined with extensive criminal records has made it very difficult for a certain population of individuals to become gainfully employed and become productive members of society. As a result, they continue to commit crimes which ultimately continue the cycle of destruction within our communities.

Johnson’s goal is to foster the realization in the minds of today’s young men that “you are better than your current situation”.

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