Please meet Antoinella, a fun and outgoing Potential Star. She knows how to utilize her resources and has the drive to be the next President of the United States of America. Antoinella was attending the Career Round Table event hosted and created by My Sister's Circle of Baltimore, MD. This amazing organization has been a huge factor in Antoinella's life for years. Through high school and college she has been able to become so successful with the support of her mentor. My Sister's Circle provides mentors for young women as early as elementary school. Giving these young women a role model so early in life is key to their likely hood of staying on track when beginning a life of their own in the future.

Antoinella will be attending a career fair and has an interview that may change her life. To prepare her for the first impression, Potential Me took her to her favorite department store to grab a few items for both big days. Antoinella had a few blazers at home that could use some other professional pieces to coincide. From basic blacks to pops of colors, we think we nailed it! Antoinella will keep us posted and has already reached out to let us know not only how grateful she is for the opportunity, but to also pass our information along to other women on the right path just like herself. Little does she know, we greatly appreciate her and hope to a part of her life as long as she will allow. To assist this Potential Star in any way, please contact us and we can put you in touch with this beautiful young woman.

PS- Antoinella is currently working on her own mentoring program, F.A.M.E.

*Clothing and shoes purchased at Kohls

Please check out My Sister's Circle,

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