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Please meet Sherry, a charismatic, intelligent, career wear recipient. Sherry had a very traumatic experience as a young teenager. Instead of sharing and getting help for the tragedy at the time, Sherry allowed the experience to manifest itself, creating the perfect storm. From drug use to abusive relationships, and even dabbling in the sex trade to make ends meet, Sherry wasn't completely unaware of the friends and family she hurt. It was the pain of her loved ones after a brush with the law that guided her toward a positive state of mind.

Shopping with Sherry was extremely easy. She knew exactly what she wanted to nail her upcoming job interview. Choosing career dresses, slacks, and tops, Sherry shared each with photos you can find on our Facebook page. Since the trip, we received notice that Sherry did get the job and is well on her way!

All career wear purchased from ROSS

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