Through a fortuitous Craigslist connection, we are able to provide Cheryl with the clothes necessary for her to ignite her professional career.

Cheryl dropped out of school in the eighth grade at the age of thirteen. That year was an extremely difficult one for Cheryl as her mother fell ill and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. While Cheryl’s mother struggled with this debilitating disease, Cheryl and her fifteen year old sister did the best they could to raise themselves while taking care of their house and their mother.

Cheryl moved out of her childhood home at the age of seventeen and struggled on her own. Without a high school diploma or any higher education, Cheryl struggled to make ends meet by working various minimum wage jobs. As a result of her situation, Cheryl had children at a point in her life when she was not fully ready for them.

As Cheryl’s oldest daughter was ready to enroll in kindergarten, Cheryl realized that it was time for her to make serious changes in her life for herself and for her three daughters. She wanted to set a good example for her daughters and teach them not to make the same mistakes that she made.

Cheryl realized that one of the main things she wanted to improve upon first was her level of education. Therefore, at the age of 27 Cheryl enrolled at the Community College of Baltimore County (“CCBC”) to earn her high school diploma. After successfully completing this degree, Cheryl decided to continue her educational endeavors by enrolling in a Veterinary Technology program at CCBC to pursue an A.A.S degree. Cheryl is currently working towards this degree while successfully raising her three daughters.

As successful as Cheryl has been in her educational pursuits, life continues to be very difficult for her and her daughters. This past summer there was a point when Cheryl and her daughters were homeless and had to move from shelter to shelter in order to maintain a roof over their heads. Cheryl was finally able to secure a more permanent residence with one of her family members. Despite these challenges, however, Cheryl’s oldest daughter maintains excellent grades in elementary school and is a member of the National Elementary School Honor Society. She is also an amazing role model for her two younger sisters.

While recently in the pursuit of a new job, Cheryl sent out hundreds of resumes and was finally able to secure a veterinary assistant job in her dream field of veterinary medicine. When Cheryl graduates from school she looks forward to a career as a Veterinary Technician. One day Cheryl dreams to help as many animals in the community as she can by starting and running her own organizations similar to B.A.R.C.S. We have no doubt that through Cheryl’s immense passion and determination she will be able to achieve and surpass her goals!


Scrubs from Alko/Gallo, Kelso Dr. Baltimore, MD

Children's coats, hats, and gloves from Target, Middle River MD

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