Terry G.

Terry G.

Please meet one of our workforce recipients, she is truly a Potential Star. This woman has had quite the journey in life to be where she is today. We all have our vices, and unfortunately Terry's habits led her to a life that pulled her in and out of incarceration. It is extremely tough to consider this magnetic, energetic woman could have once been influenced by the streets at the darkest of hours. After some time of sobriety, our recipient found herself back in the same situation which gripped her for the last time in 2005. Ready for transition, Terry was accepted into the Guest House in VA, which enabled her to concentrate on the positive purpose of life. 8 years of sobriety and full of high spirits, Terry has excelled at everything thus far.

Together We Bake is a program designed for women, wanting a second chance after incarceration, to make money by baking and selling cookies. Being so fabulous has landed Terry in the Program Assistant position, and Potential Me was honored to be called upon for a little assistance for this beautiful woman. After spending the day with our Star, we can assure our supporters that she has no desire of trailing off the upbeat path. She is truly a revolutionized woman with goals to accomplish set in prioritized order. Just in May, Terry lost her son in a highly publicized case, the "Gaithersburg Hatchet Murder". If there were ever a reason for someone to begin using again, it would definitely be in the wake of losing a child. Though deeply wounded this has not rattled Terry in a negative way. She gives hope to other women transitioning out of the system by sharing her story in the community.  

We are excited to keep in touch with Terry and witness her growth throughout the upcoming years. If you would like to support Terry in any way please contact Potential Me and we will coordinate the rest.   

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