LaTonya L.

LaTonya L.


My name is LaTonya L. I'm a senior at Friendship Academy of Science and Technology. Last year my junior prom was okay, but I didn't want to attend because I knew that I wouldn't be able to compete with the other girls in my class and the seniors who wore very nice dresses made or either bought for them. I wasn't pleased with wearing a hand-me-down dress but I was grateful that my mother tried, so I had to settle with what my mother could afford and I made the best of my junior prom. My mother is a single mother of four kids. She doesn't have a job, and her only income are funds given to her from social security every month due to her disability. My father isn't in my life and has never been.

This year I want my prom to be the best because it's my senior prom. Last year my prom was at Martin's East. This year our prom is at the Baltimore Aquarium. I really want my prom to be the best ever. My only option is wearing one of my older sister's prom dresses. The dresses have some flaws attached to them, things like snags and the size isn't right for me some slightly noticeable errors.

For my junior prom I took my brother this year I 'am not to sure who I 'am going to take but I hope that I have a fantastic prom dress, something I could see hanging in my closet and remember the best memory ever.

*Dress from Macy's Department Store

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