Potential Me Roundtable

Potential Me roundtable will provide a support group and sisterhood for female students. Workshops will be held once a month on school campus focusing on appropriate attire, behavior, and values, as they grow into young women. The roundtable will also offer support to each young woman as she plans life upon high school graduation. Students taking advantage of the roundtable must have superb behavior and excellent attendance.

The Prom Promise!

Students with perfect attendance (present for each workshop), appropriate behavior and good attendance in school will be added to a random drawing for the Prom Promise. The Prom Promise is a gift certificate (valued at $350.00) to be used to purchase a prom dress from a Potential Me sponsored boutique. The drawing will occur during the last workshop session.

Finding Me, Intervention Speaker Series

Finding Me is the secondary program to Potential Me geared towards young women that may be currently embarking on the less desirable path while attending high school. Finding Me will engage students by providing female lecturers that also struggled with making positive decisions due to low self esteem, traumatic experiences, or bad choices in friends/partners.

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