Thank you everyone for making our 3rd Annual Fundraiser a success! Erin Alvey, Thiru Vignarajah, Duane Williams Jr., and Ryleigh's Oyster are greatly appreciated. Potential Me raised over $3500.00. We hope to see even more supporters next year.

Sponsor of the Year Award- Sagamore Development
Partner of the Year Award- MWMCA
Appreciation Award- Klacik & Associates
Appreciation Award- Erin Alvey


 Over 40 people served


 paying taxes


 gainfully employed


 furthering their education


 of those that were depending on government assistance for housing now live independently

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide disadvantaged women with the tools needed to obtain a career and gain financial independence. We support women who are in college, trade school, the work force, and military bound, as well as their families and local communities. From workshops to motivational speakers, we raise awareness, self esteem, and empower women. Taking our career wear recipients shopping for a professional look is the fun part, watching that same woman discover her self worth is the rewarding part. Professional & successful are related.

In existence for over 4 years, we are proud to disclose all of our recipients have taken the next steps to independent living. A 100% success rate.

By selling donated items on eBay we are able to take each recipient shopping for the garment that gives them the highest level of confidence. With a new look, they are able to see their potential!

Our Purpose

Having the ideal garment for a special or professional occasion will build confidence and relieve anxiety for young women that do not have the means to make that dream a reality independently. In this economy, some are not fortunate enough to provide their loved ones with more than just the necessities to live. That's where Potential Me comes in! By being a stellar student or having a job interview lined up, program applicants will be able to earn their prom/homecoming dresses or career wear. The hope is to build confidence, support high self esteem, remove insecurities, and maybe even ignite a few tears of joy! By donating your used clothing to our organization, we are able to produce funding for our recipients through eBay sales. Potential Me is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

We would like to thank you for your huge contribution to Potential Me by hosting corporate clothing drives to further our mission.


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Professional & Successful Are Related